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eLarm Local Alert System
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During power or equipment failure due to copper theft, vandilism, or any other cause the eLarm Local Alert System will sound an audible 120 decible siren as well as activate a bright flashing strobe to ward off theives and alert nearby neighbors or staff personnel.   



  • Alarm your business or residences main electrical power.
  • Alarm your equipment and help prevent prolonged power outage of freezers, machinery, pumps, HVAC/R equipment, etc.
  • Alerts everyone in the area when power is out to your vital electrical systems or electrically operated equipment.


  • Tamper resistant steel, powder coated, NEMA 3R rain-tight, hinged enclosure with back plate
  • Audible 120 decible (db) siren with tamper proof housing and sensor
  • Flashing red strobe
  • Power Loss Monitor
  • 120 Volt control transformer for connection to your existing power supply
  • Back up battery and charger
  • NO/NC dry contacts for on-site security integration by your security provider

Not Included:

  • Installation
  • Security system integration
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
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